Virtual Human Resources

Virtual HR is the process of connecting employees to a range of technologies and HR services when they need them. This allows employees to go straight to resources through a self-service platform, rather than always going through an HR representative.

Effective HR plays an important role in business growth and sustenance. Visram agencies can act as a Virtual HR and provide end-to-end custom-made HR solutions. We can take care of the entire HR functions of Small and Medium industries (SME).

  • Manpower planning
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll processing
  • Performance management
  • Statutory compliances
  • Training & development

How it works

Managing overall HR Department virtually

Let your HR Department be managed by professionals. We hand hold your HR Team to manage it efficiently and effectively or alternately, we manage your HR Department with our HR Team, at your budget by enhancing quality and service levels.

HR Study/Audit

The Human Resources Audit is a process of examining work culture, engagement level, leadership style, written policies, systems and practices to an organization’s vision, mission and HR functions.


  • A report on Strengths, Area of improvement and opportunities.
  • A detailed suggestions to harness strengths, overcome weakness, converting opportunities.
  • Identifies the contribution of the H R department.
  • Identifies cause of dissatisfaction if any.
  • Lot of information which will act as a decision making tool.


  • Personal discussion with management &H R Team.
  • Sample survey administration.
  • Data collection based on current system.
  • Verifying template.
  • Assessment of Impact of Existing System.

Developing HR Policies & System

A policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule that employees of an organization need to follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization’s mission or operations.HR policies are necessary because they set in place different rules and standards by which organizations can work more smoothly. They outline a company’s obligations towards its employees and the standards and behavior that the organization needs to maintain.

The process of HR policy development involves the following steps:

  • Understand and evaluate the present system.
  • Translate the HR Practices into a comprehensive HR Policies & system documents.
  • Draw up HR Policy implementation Plan effectively.
  • Getting views from all key stake holders on draft policy.
  • Deployment of new drafted policy.

Payroll Processing

  1. Pre payroll process
  2. Actual payroll process
  3. Post payroll process


  • We manage the payroll process end to end
  • Prepare the monthly payroll processing
  • Generate payslips for staff
  • Tax integration
  • Make payment of statutory deductions to the relevant authorities
  • Prepare the relevant annual and quarterly income tax reports

Talent Search – Recruitment

  1. Visram agencies is a leader in and recruitment, placing true talent in permanent and temporary job positions across all job levels.

    We offer a full range of search and selection solutions.

    Our services are supplemented by other added value services such as assessment tests used to assess personality, motivation and person-to-job match.

    Through our team of consultants and network of contacts, we will identify and approach the very best available talent.

    Shortlisted applicants are interviewed, tested and screened paying attention to their motives for looking to change position and forward a shortlist for where the client will select from.


For companies that are in the process of setting up a Human Resources department OR would like to reenergize their existing Human Resources department, HR Admin complements your in-house team to set you on the path.

We assist you with:

Design and Development of a Human Resource Manual

  • Staff Policies and Procedures
  • Attain compliance with the Labour Laws
  • Benchmark with Best Practice

Employment Contracts

  • Design customized employment contracts for various staff levels
  • Ensure compliance with the Labour Laws Benchmark with Best Practice

Performance Management

  • Design a performance management system
  • Train on the system
  • Implement the performance management system

Job descriptions

    • Design from scratch (where there are no job descriptions)
    • Re-design existing job descriptions with competencies
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